This entrepreneur opens a new company worth half million to feed unemployed sales people families in lock down

Mrinal Kj a young Indian writer and corporate branding strategist has incorporated a company MERIT Pvt. Ltd. just to feed families of unemployed sales team of different companies he use to consult. The company valuation for now is worth INR 500K half a million and has market potential of growing up to 10 million in a year. Mrinal says” I have just invested everything I can, where other companies are firing employees I have hired them with a hike in their salary, because if my company stays with them in a bad times, they will surely stay with us in our bad times” Mrinal will be pitching his company projection with investors for funding but for now he has contributed to the opening.

Mrinal was already an owner of Sole proprietor company Foxclues having 4 employees that dealt with Consulting brands for internet branding and marketing. And this time he has incorporated MERIT Pvt. LTD for education and immigration sector with 10+ employees.

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